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The Flat, The Cardboard Box or The Advent Crate

Written by Bridget Carey


Posted on October 02 2021

Every year we try to do something a bit different with the Beer Calendar and for 2021, we have been thinking about packaging.  Because we have adjusted the Advent experience to QR codes on every can (see post about The Beer Reveal Pages), we have more options for packaging up the calendars.  Believe it or not, the Beer Calendar boxes add a few dollars to the cost of the calendar.  And for the most part, these boxes are discarded into recycling or garbage.  Our kids tell us we need to do better for the planet so we are providing options for customers to choose the box that best suits them and to adjust the price of the Beer Calendar based on the choice made.

The Flat:  Available for local delivery and pick up at Nita.  Beer will be packaged in a standard beer flat and delivered to you.  You can easily transfer to your fridge or cold storage.

The Flat

The Cardboard Box:  Available for shipping throughout Ontario, local delivery and pick up at Nita.  These boxes are the same as last year.  Just cardboard with dividers, nothing fancy but they will protect the beer as it makes its way on non-Nita delivery trucks to your home.  A couple of extra $.

The Advent Beer Crate:  These limited production Advent Beer Crates have been made by Bridget.  They are available for local delivery and pick up at Nita through  and can be used year-after-year.  Solid construction and very unique.  Extra $$$.

The Advent Crate Side

The Advent Crate top