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The Beer Reveal Pages

Written by Bridget Carey


Posted on October 02 2021

Last year we received a lot of great feedback with our beer reveal pages but also heard about issues with some of the QR codes not working for some people.  We have simplified this year with a single web page/QR code to reveal all beers each day.  We hope that this continues to deliver a great "Advent" experience.  

The Reveal Pages:  We heard you!  People came back to us in previous years and said "how could they fit the entire box in their fridge".  We really appreciated this question as it shows that people really care about keeping their craft beer cool and fresh!.  We also had some folks comment that they wanted more of the Advent experience.  So we put our thinking caps on ... how could we deliver an Advent experience without a box?

This year Nita is providing every brewer with a unique beer label that will be applied to each beer.  Not even the other breweries know what other beers are in the box.  The labels have limited information on them including the Beer Calendar date, the brewery making the beer and the web page/QR code where all daily beers will be revealed.

If you have any issues with the QR codes, fear not.  We have simplified this year so every beer has the same QR code so you will only have to bookmark it one time.

We truly appreciate your feedback and although this was a huge amount of work to make happen, we hope that you love the experience.