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Bridget Carey

Posted on February 23 2016

We have been thinking about what it means to be a craft beer manufacturer and we have decided it goes far beyond making great beer, sometimes crazy beers.  We know that we won't go very far if our beers are not great but there's more to a business than just its products. For us, craft is also about being part of our community.  We have been so excited by all of the people that have supported us by purchasing and trying our beer, by helping out at festivals and in the store, by giving us feedback about all of our operations and our beers, by giving us creative ideas so that some days we can turn our brains off!  Now, it's time for us to support our community back.

As a craft brewer, we have decided to try to be nimble and flexible and to create our cans as they are required in production. Our package will look different than the other guys as we are labelling our cans very similar to how to we would label bottles. But for us, this provides us the flexibility that we can change our labels for short production runs and this means we can add parts of our community to our labels.

Our community labels program

We are looking to celebrate our local community by adding custom labels to short runs of packaging. We are looking for people in our community that may need help with promotion or just think it would be cool to get recognized on a beer bottle! We are looking for

  • local artists that may want to share some art to add to a beer 
  • local poets who have some new work to share
  • people that would like to recognize a community volunteer for all of the work that they do
  • community organizations that would like to promote a community event
  • charities that would like an event promoted

There could be other situations so let us know if there is an idea your would like us to consider. Please email us at giddyup@nitabeer.com.  We do not provide compensation to contributors as the goal is for us to help you promote something an in return you help us build our community brand.

The process is pretty simple once we agree to move ahead.  Our labels are 4" x 3" and are a blank canvas to work out the community label together. We will be happy to work with you to create a label for a production run of upcoming beer products.  Once we agree that it looks great, we are adding labels to our next run of cans.

Many thanks to Dawn Ayer who was our first community collaborator.  Dawn provided us an image of "Flowing Water" ... and where would beer be without water? Flowing water can be seen in the image attached to this blog. You can see more about Dawn Ayer's work @dawnayer.  Dawn may collaborate with us again so stay tuned for more great labels!