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Craft Beer Calendar Day 11 Feedback

Written by Bridget Carey


Posted on December 15 2020

We are so excited from the love and support we have received from this year’s beer calendar.  We had 23 breweries participating and we are still getting requests to see if there are any left.  Thanks to everyone who has purchased or has expressed interest in this collaborative offering


On December 12, we received some feedback from a few people about the December 11 beer that it seemed off.  We reached out to our friends at Cartwright and Andre indicated right away that he wants to make this right.  He wrote us this email and shared with people on Untapped.  We agreed to share with our customers and reach out to people that may have purchased through the Beer Store on social media.


If your beer from December 11 seemed to have soured, please see the note from Andre below and reach out to him.  If Nita can be of assistance, you can also reach out to us as we will work with Andre to make sure our customers are satisfied with the remedies.  We want to see the beer calendar continue and will continue to work with our brewery partners to make sure the December beer adventure is a good one.




My fellow beer lover,

This year we participated in the Nita Advent calendar. It has come to our attention that some cans of beer had off flavours that are not typical of our product.  We are greatly sorry for this and wish to apologize to anyone who has unfortunately had a bad experience because of this.  We wish to make it up to you and offer an explanation. We have never had a large order like this and during our packaging the can seamer got out of adjustments.  We only noticed this after delivery because some cans had leaked over time. It's likely that even if your can didn't leak it was exposed at the seams.  This is very unfortunate and we would like to try to make it better. Please contact Andre at Cartwright Springs Brewery to arrange for compensation. Again. We at Cartwright Springs feel very sorry that you had an unpleasant experience.  No one should have to endure bad beer.  Andre can be reached by e-mail:



Andre Rieux

Cartwright Springs Brewery