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Nita Beer

Cockadoodlebrew - Coffee Blonde Ale

$3.50 CAD

473mL Can

Style – Blonde Ale
Tasting Notes – chocolate, honey and mango
ABV – 5%
Colour – golden
IBUs – ~low
Legend Rating - Breakfast - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Josh from Ottawa Valley Coffee and Andy met at Nita one day in the spring 2021 and their budding bromance began.  6 months later and their little brew baby was born .... Cockadoodle Brew.  Andy blended our flagship Ten12 with delicious coffee presenting notes of chocolate, honey and mango from Ottawa Valley Coffee. Available at the Nita bottle shop and at Ottawa Valley Coffee in Refrew.  Come visit both of us for the best way to wake up any day.