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Lone Wolf McAle - Cans


473mL Can - Includes $0.10 deposit

Rating -

ABV – 5.5%
Colour – Amber
IBUs – 7.5 ( IBU may vary from batch to batch )
Availability – Year Round

Are you a lone wolf among a throng of sheep? Can you count the number of people you trust on one hand and have 4 fingers left over? Is your name synonymous with extreme toughness and martial arts? This beer is for you. 

We added 20lbs of freshly peeled and diced ginger late in the boil for a unique taste and aroma. It’s a roundhouse kick of flavour.

A ginger spiced ale, it’s a lone operator among a series of expendable beers. Ideal for long Canadian winters, or any time you need to get away from the boring and predictable.

While still a pale ale, this beer comes in at the upper range of the SRM colour scale for this type of beer and features a deep amber hue.

A medium carbonation gives it a foamy head that helps highlight its rare flavour. Slight hints of citrus and spices on the nose that complement the spicy ginger taste. The finish is light and clean.   

The Lone Wolf McAle is another offering that uses only a single hop variety. This allows the spicy ginger flavour to be dominant, while providing the full complexity of hop flavouring.

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