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Rating -
ABV – 5%
Colour  - Deep golden and orange hues
IBUs – 44.6 ( IBU may vary from batch to batch )
Availability – Year Round

Ten12 is our flagship beer, lightly malted with a smooth taste and a crisp finish. Like a classic pair of jeans, this beer is familiar but stylish - floral aroma with notes of citrus, a light hop flavour, and quick aftertaste.

Perfect for summer time patios or picnics or any time you want a beer that doesn’t cut corners, but doesn’t push your limits.To be enjoyed by everyone from beer enthusiasts to a first timers starting an adventure in craft beer.  Ten12 represents the first year of the oldest beer garden in Munich – the Menterschwaige – still an ideal place to retreat after a bike ride along the Isar.

Ingredientslightly roasted caramel malts, well modified Canadian pale malts, North American variety hops, water and yeast


Please contact us directly at giddyup@nitabeer.com if you would like a keg.  If needed you can contact us to discuss additional rentals for dispensing equipment.

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