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Nita Beer

North Lunenburg Harvest Ale

$4.50 CAD

473mL Can

Style - Harvest Ale

Tasting Notes - Cereal, Honey, Citrus

ABV - 5.2%

Colour - Golden

IBU - 15

Lengend Rating - Anytime


Nita’s Lunenburg Harvest Ale is a delicious wet hopped Pale Ale. Made with hops grown in Lunenburg, township of Stormont. NOT Nova Scotia. Quit asking! This year’s harvest of hops was exclusively Casacade, generously donated by Erin and Shawn, solid friends of the brewery. A few pellets of Citra and Centennial were added during dry hop to compliment the sweet citrus and floral hop flavour and aroma. A limited supply has been brewed. Until next year of course. 

Ingredients - Water, malted barley, hops and yeast.