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13 oz Tulip Glass - Engrave This!


NOTE:  Although all images submitted through this platform will be dark, the final engraved product will be light where the dark areas are.  The dark areas mark where the CO2 laser will strike.

Creating an engraved product is easy!  Just use our Customize It! design tool to add images and sayings to your product.  Adjust the images and fonts using the size, crop, rotate, font choices to come up with the perfect design.  For glassware, we have limited images to ones we have created as engraving on glass requires good contrast to get a good result.  If your heart is set on a specific image and you think the contrast is strong, email it to us at giddyup@nitabeer.com and we will take a look to see if it will work.  Sometimes in these cases, we will have to manipulate the image to get the best result but we will share with you the proof before we go ahead.

The Tulip Glass has a limited area that can be engraved on the widest portion of the glass.  If we attempt to print outside of these areas, the quality of the engraving suffers.

Have suggestions for images or themes?  Send us a note at giddyup@nitabeer.com and we will see if we can put the details together.

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