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Nita Beer Events

Brew Camp

$75.00 CAD

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Join the Nita crew for a brew session!

Launch yourself into the world of brewing as you spend an afternoon or evening with Nita Beer masters brewing, packaging and loving making beer.  Brew Camp includes some of all of the following during your time with us:

  • milling the grains for the brew and learning about how to do this to get the results you want
  • participating in the brew using the kettle and the mash - we will get the team brewing on our pilot system while explaining and showing how we do this with our brew house
  • Transferring the wort for fermentation and adding the yeast - learn how to manage your yeast and determine how much you want to add
  • Bottling and/or canning

After the brew, enjoy 2 pours of your favourite Nita on tap and take home a couple of the beers that you packaged.