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Monarch of Bermuda


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Rating -
ABV – 4.6%
Colour – Golden
IBUs – 41 ( IBU may vary from batch to batch )
Availability – Seasonal


The Monarch of Bermuda is a lower alcohol beer similar to many British pale ales. It features an easy drinking flavour with a slight bitter finish and a golden hue colour.

The Monarch of Bermuda played an important role in helping the Allies win the Second World War.  Commissioned to be a luxury cruise liner for the New York to Bermuda run, The Monarch of Bermuda and its sister ship, The Queen of Bermuda, were called ‘the millionaires’ ships’ and were known for their opulence.

But at the outset of WWII, both ships were pressed into military service, with The Monarch of Bermuda converted into a troopship, and soon after took part in a series daring and secretive missions to ferry precious cargo from the Britain to Canada.

With Nazis troops amassing just across the Channel, the British government was fearful of a full scale invasion, and so took the difficult decision to evacuate its gold and foreign securities reserves.

Without gold reserves, the British would not be able to buy vital war materials from the United States, who were still officially neutral. Had the gold and securities reserves fallen into Nazi hands during an invasion, Britain would not have been able to continue fighting. At all costs, these needed to be moved to a secret and secure location. That location was the Bank of Canada building in Ottawa.

The Monarch of Bermuda was one of several ships that moved these reserves across U-boat infested waters to Halifax, making several trips to ferry the precious cargo, one that included more than just gold.

Included in the trips were refugees from the war, including children who were sent by their parents fearful of bombing raids and invasion. Where once the rich and famous lounged while on vacation, now desperate families crammed the spaces, hoping to make it to safety.

Despite the danger of the U-boats and instances of severe weather, the ship never lost having not lost a single passenger or bar of gold. With the reserves in safe keeping, Britain was able to continue to resist Nazi Germany and eventually turn the tide of the war.

To honour this treasure ship with a tie to Ottawa, Nita Beer Company is producing a small-batch run of an English-Style Pale Ale named the Monarch of Bermuda.  



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