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Rating -
ABV – 6%
Colour – Deep, rich amber hue
IBUs – 74.6 filtered, 97.4 unfiltered ( IBU may vary from batch to batch )
Availability – Year Round

Looking for a great IPA?  OPA is a pale ale with an assertive hop bitterness, balanced flavour and smooth finish.  The rich golden hue make this beer as tasty to the eyes as it is to the palate.  Enjoy the subtle malt flavours balanced with a light fruity aroma. The crisp finish is what sets this IPA apart. In Greek,  OPA is a word used to celebrate life itself!  We think you’re going to love this.

Ingredientslight malted European and dark caramel malts, a blend of 5 different North American variety hops, water and yeast


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