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Nita Beer

Raspberry Lemon Lactose Kettle Sour - Flavoured Sour Ale

$3.75 CAD

473mL Can

Style - Flavoured Sour Ale

Tasting Notes - tart, tangy, raspberry, lemon

ABV - 4.2%

Colour - Golden

IBU - low

Lengend Rating - Fun

Our Raspberry Lemon sour is a delicious balance of raspberry and lemon. Our brewer added raspberry puree and an abundance of Citra hops to create this truly unique and fruity sour ale. This fruited sour is bright, tart and tangy with a pleasant raspberry citrus aroma, light body and a wonderful juicy finish. This delightful sour will brighten any day.

Ingredients - Water, wheat, malted barley, hops, raspberry puree, lactose sweetener and yeast.