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Did someone say free shirt?

Written by Bridget Carey


Posted on October 02 2021

In 2019 we ventured in to getting Beer Calendar shirts made.  Unfortunately, they came in late and we didn't sell a whole bunch.  And then the pandemic hit and we had put them in a closet for future use.  2021 is the future use!

We have a limited stock of 2019 T-shirts that we are giving away for free for those that purchase their beer calendar off  Unfortunately this option isn't available to those purchasing off

When you add a 2021 Beer Calendar and a 2019 Beer Calendar shirt, the price of the shirt is automatically removed at checkout.  We have limited stock so get yours while quantities last.

Men's T-shirts in stock on Oct 2, 2021

Men's Shirt

Small - 2
Medium - 14
Large - 20
Extra Large - 18
XXL - 1

Women's T-shirts in stock on Oct 2, 2021

Small - None
Medium - 2
Large - 3
Extra Large - 3
XXL - 1

3/4 T-shirts in stock on Oct 2, 2021

Small - None
Medium - None
Large - None
Extra Large - 2
XXL - 1