December 23:  Eastbound Brewing Company

December 23: Eastbound Brewing Company

Eastbound Brewing Company Revealed Constellations

Style - Session IPA
Tasting Notes – Tropical fruit, pine, leavin’ it behind
ABV – 4.4%
Colour – Golden
IBUs – ~Low
Legend Rating - Anytime- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Description:   No longer reserved for summer skies in Bobcaygeon, Revealed Constellations can now be enjoyed equally any of those nights in Toronto. SMaSH feels as appropriate a descriptor for how to drink this session IPA as it does an acronym: Single Malt and Single Hop. Stripped down to a slight, and agile little recipe, with 100% Golden Promise malts, and 100% Mosaic hops, there’s an abundance of juicy tangerine right up front. Mango and light aromas of grass and pine follow tightly behind.

Ingredients –  Water, Malted barley, Hops, Yeast

Where to buy: Where to buy: Ontario Craft Beer - Nita 'Nother Beer (

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