December 6:  Vimy Brewing

December 6: Vimy Brewing

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Vimy Brewing Company Northeast IPA

Style – Northeast IPA
Tasting Notes – Tropical, citrus, hazy
ABV – 6.0%
Colour – Cloudy yellow
IBUs – ~Low
Legend Rating - Adventure - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Description:  Vimy's Northeast IPA is a surprisingly low bitterness beer.  Hops are used to create flavour and aroma, including citrus and tropical fruit (mango, passion fruit).  The beer is hazy in alignment with the northeast IPA style.  The mouthfeel is soft and smooth with the body of the beer being created with lots of oats.  There is a residual sweetness that gives the beer a pleasing juicy fruit taste. 

 The Northeast IPA often has a juicy, tropical aroma and flavor that comes from the use of English yeasts and hop breeds like Citra and Mosaic. Northeast IPAs also tend to have a softer mouthfeel thanks to the sulfite-low East Coast water and the use of oats and wheat in the mashbill. And instead of that classic IPA bite, these beers are often less bitter and have a hazy appearance if they’re partially or wholly unfiltered.

The Northeast IPA style evolved somewhat organically. Many point to breweries from Vermont as pioneers of the style, and since those early, unfiltered beers first found an audience, the profile has spread quickly throughout the region and beyond. 

Serving Glass:  Nonic Pint or IPA Glass

Best Serving Temperature:  7 to 10 ° C

Food Pairings:  Strong, spicy food (classic with curry!); bold, sweet desserts like carrot cake, Milder blue such as Gorgonzola or Cambozola


Ingredients –  Water, Malted barley, Oats, Hops, Yeast

Where to buy: Nita Beer and Vimy Online Store 

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