Construction Update

When can I get my beer?

There has been a flood of activity over the past few months … unfortunately beer is still not available as we don’t yet have our liquor license. For those that are interested, here is an update as to our progress:

October 1: Our retail space at 190 Colonnade Rd, Unit 17 became officially ours. Our friends, investors and trusted general contractors, Dave Brown (Brownstone Homes) and Jonny Vandewint (Jonny Builds) quickly moved in to start construction after we made it through the city building permit process. Sections of flooring were obliterated to make room for floor drains and utility conduits.

October 9: Our walls were framed rather quickly and our trusted plumber, Jeff from Brendave plumbing quickly started the job of making sure we had water. Lots of water.

October 11: Our team of volunteers, investors and friends come in to help with painting. How many coats did you put on in the manufacturing area Matt, Shane, Steve and Wes? Looks great.

October 21: City of Ottawa building inspector approves our framed walls. Way to go Dave and Jonny!

October 24: Did you know Andy, our Chief Beer Officer is also a Master Electrician and runs Arc Electrical? The electrical rough-in inspection passes without problem. Way to go Andy!

October 31: This is an exciting day! Our first shipment of equipment arrives from Prince Edward Island. Our mash, kettle, and grist mill are on site. Our German-made kegs are on their way and the Growlers are being ordered.

November 2: Another exciting day! We hire our first employee, Adrian. Adrian is friendly, outgoing and ready to learn and brings good experience from the retail food environment. We are hiring some more people and are excited to start some interviews.

November 10: Our drywalling contractors from Presidential drywall began boarding, taping and mudding of our new walls.

November 12: Dave and his wrecking crew, under Andy watchful eye, knocked down an old barn to reclaim some beams, barn boards and tin. We will use these recycled materials in our retail space.

November 19: The rest of our equipment has arrived allowing us to move to the next step in the liquor license process. Getting closer! Nitzer Ebb style.

November 20: Our walk in cooler is finished. Dave and Andy did a great job building the cooler space and our friend Trevor from Root refrigeration provided great design advice and did an awesome job sizing, installing and commissioning our cooling equipment.  Cold beer soon!

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