Pilot brew

I am pretty excited about our latest pilot. Dave Brown, one of our handsome investors, started a hop farm this year to provide locally grown hops to the brewery.  Since the hops had only been planted this year there wasn't a large yield.  However, Dave handed over enough cone to knock off a 20L pilot batch. The hop addition consisted of 312 grams (11oz) of Columbus and Cascade hops.  I had been anxious to brew with these hops since late August. However, with all the planning and construction for the new brewery the hops had been sitting in a freezer until December 3, brew day. I just poked my head into the cellar and am pleased to confirm that the pilot batch is at high krausen and Dave will be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour in a few weeks.  The pilot is a first attempt at a harvest ale planned for the fall of 2015.  The Pale Harvest Ale will have a final gravity of 1.010 SG, light colour from 3-5 SRM, a bitterness level of approximately 35 IBU with a prominently earthy hop aroma and subtle hints of citrus. Any name suggestions are welcome!





Dave tending to his baby hops.

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