The final steps to beer

Great news!  Nita Beer Company Inc. has leaped over one of the last hurdles to opening our brewery.  CRA has given us a license to manufacture … that means we can start bringing great beer to you.  We need to still get our retail sales license from AGCO but that should be like a hop, skip and a jump compared to the hurdles we have already leaped. 

We have 99% confirmed our opening on Saturday, January 31 at 11AM (unless some sort of freak accident happens that affects the AGCO issuing us our license). 

For our opening, we will have the inaugural versions of our Ten12 and OPA beers available. 

Ten12:  Ten12 is our flagship beer, lightly malted with a smooth taste and a crisp finish. Like a classic pair of jeans, this beer is familiar but stylish - floral aroma with notes of citrus, a light hop flavour, and quick aftertaste.  Perfect for summer time patios or picnics or any time you want a beer that doesn’t cut corners, but doesn’t push your limits.To be enjoyed by everyone from beer enthusiasts to a first timers starting an adventure in craft beer.  Ten12 represents the first year of the oldest beer garden in Munich – the Menterschwaige – still an ideal place to retreat after a bike ride along the Isar.

OPA:  Looking for a great IPA?  OPA is a pale ale with an assertive hop bitterness, balanced flavour and smooth finish.  The deep, rich amber hues make this beer as tasty to the eyes as it is to the palate.  Enjoy the subtle malt flavours balanced with a light fruity aroma. The crisp finish is what sets this IPA apart. In Greek,  OPA is a word used to celebrate life itself!  We think you’re going to love this.

 Final Steps to Beer!

 Here are the final steps leading up to our grand opening on Saturday, January 31 at 11 AM: 

Thursday, January 22 – CRA signs the final document that is needed for us to send to the manufacturing license to AGCO to get our retail license. (They don’t make this process very easy … maybe that’s a good thing!) 

Monday, January 26 – Fingers crossed:  AGCO issues us our retail license and our by the glass license.  We can start selling … but the beer is not ready yet. 

Tuesday, January 27 – If all goes as planned with AGCO, we will open up our web site to pre-orders for opening day.  Order your beer on-line and pick up in store.  We would love your feedback to see how this works for you!  Or just wait until Saturday … your choice. 

Tuesday to Friday – Fun and chaos all at once.  We work towards our opening day so everything goes smoothly (well as smoothly as possibly … we will not be able to anticipate everything!) 

Saturday, January 31 at 11AM – The big day – we welcome you to come in and try our beer, look around our retail and beer production areas, chat with us about BEER!  If our AGCO license does not come in until Tuesday, we will not be able to sell By the Glass beer in our retail location (we need to wait five days from receiving the license) … but we will have this ready for the next time you come in. 

We welcome you to join us on the 31st!  If you cannot make it, we will be posting our hours of operation on the website very soon.  Andy loves to tweet so you can follow us on twitter.  We will be adding regular newsletters to our mix as well.  Stay tuned!

Our address:
190 Colonnade Rd, Unit 17
Ottawa, ON
K2E 7J5

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