Celebrate #ten12 day with us!

It's October 12 and we want to celebrate Ten12 with you!  Many people ask us where the name Ten12 is from.  Andy is part German and when we were starting out, we wanted to link to his German roots.  There is a beer garden (biergarten) on the Menterschwaige in Germany that has been in existence since the year 1012 and so the name began!  Kevan sometimes tells a different story about Ten12 ... ask him about it when you visit us.

To celebrate, we will be offering pours of Ten12 for $3 today.  Bring your lunch or stop in for a drink this afternoon.  We would love to see you! 

And to continue the fun this weekened, we will launch our 25 oz new stainless steel growlers starting on Friday.  Buy one and get a fill up in our growler station for $4.  After this weekend, it will go up to $5 for a fill or a refill. 


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