Great News About Shipping Options for the Craft Holiday Beer Calendar

Click here to see a list of eligible postal codes

Thanks so much to Ontario beer fans for your support of the Craft Holiday Beer Calendar.  We are very excited about this initiative and are overwhelmed by the interest of so many people!  We have however received some feedback about shipping that we wanted to address and that has led to this great opportunity!  We have just finalized our partnership with Operation Come Home, an Ottawa-based charitable employment, education, and support centre for homeless and at-risk youth to help do deliveries to our Ottawa-based customers.  We are so excited about this opportunity because:

  1. It allows us to expand our community reach with this project with an organization that already has proven its ability in beer delivery service for several years that also has a philanthropic mission. Operation Come Home has been providing home beer delivery service through its social enterprise that teaches at-risk youth employment skills.
  2. It allows us to offer you some cheaper shipping options with potentially better service.
  3. It provides us a contingency option in case something happens with Canada Post services in the next little while

We are in the process of contacting all customers who have already made a purchase to allow them the option to make the switch.  To check if your delivery address is within an Operation Come Home delivery area, check out this map

Customers will still have the option to deliver via Canada Post and nobody will be required to make the switch.  However, if you would like to see what the Operation Come Home delivery service looks like, keep reading as we have outlined the plan to move this ahead.

  1. Operation Come Home has been providing alcohol delivery services for many years.  They have established processes to ensure compliance with Ontario liquor laws and to ensure their youth involved in the project are supported.  Anyone involved in a delivery is Smart Serve certified and they will require proof of age from someone 19 years of age or older plus a signature to deliver the beer.  This is the same type of requirement that Canada Post uses in their delivery services.
  2. Delivery services will be a flat rate of $20 per location regardless of the number of Craft Holiday Beer Calendars you have purchased.  If we get enough interest in a specific location to decrease the operational cost for Operation Come Home, we will reduce that even further to $15 per location.  And Operation Come Home will provide you with a tax receipt for the delivery/shipping amount you paid less a $4 mandatory AGCO delivery charge!  Delivery is currently limited to specific areas of Ottawa (based on the first three digits of your postal code).  Click here to see list of eligible postal codes for this delivery service.
  3. Operation Come Home and Nita Beer will allow you to sign up for delivery windows closer to the date of delivery.  We are gearing for 2 hour timeslots so that you can minimize the impact on your busy life.  Delivery window sign-up will be emailed out to you one week prior to delivery.  Week day (for business), week night and weekend timeslots will be available.
  4. If you are interested in switching your delivery service to Operation Come Home, please click on this link, and provide your name and your order number so we can make the adjustments to your order.  If you are not comfortable with the link, you can call the brewery at 613-688-2337 and one of our team members will help you.  By indicating you would like to make the switch, you need to acknowledge that Nita Beer will provide details from your order to Operation Come Home in order to make this happen!
  5. Once delivery has been made by Operation Come Home, we will refund the amount you paid for shipping.  The delay in the refund is to allow us to ensure we can deliver by this method.  If something is unsuccessful, we will revert to delivering via Canada Post.
  6. For all the deliveries completed through Operation Come Home, Nita will pay the organization the amount you paid for shipping.

Existing customers can opt-in to this option by using the link and providing details about their order. Starting October 18, 2018, new customers looking to purchase the Craft Holiday Beer Calendar will be able to make this delivery choice when they are checking out.

Eligible Postal Codes

If your postal code begins with any of the following three digits, you are eligible to switch to Operation Come Home delivery for the Craft Holiday Beer Calendar



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