St. Paddy's Day Warm-Up ... What's that about?

St. Patrick’s Day is a big event for beer lovers, but rather than ruin good beer with green dye, we thought we would celebrate Ireland’s contribution to preserving knowledge.

We are releasing three Irish stouts, the Perfectum, the Omne, and the Trium. Their names refer to the Rule of Three - omne trium perfectum (everything that comes in threes is perfect). After tasting the three distinct flavours, we think you’ll agree.

But the Latin names are also a nod to the Irish monks who are esteemed for preserving knowledge during the Dark Ages. By storing and copying precious manuscripts, they benefitted all of humanity. That’s a heritage worth celebrating.

 Perfectum - A true Irish Stout:  Using a unique grain bill, this stout has notes of chocolate and a smoky flavour that is perfect for the colder weather.

 Omne - Licorice Stout:  For those who like a sweeter note in their stout, this beer will satisfy.

 Trium - Cinnamon and Clove Stout: Did you know there are many health benefits to cloves? This stout will cure what ails you.

 Join us on Thursday, March 12 from 7 pm to 9 pm for our St. Paddy's Warm Up event where we'll be sampling all three stouts.  A few remaining tickets are out there ... now only available in store.  Contact if you want to know if any are left.

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