Biju Brut IPA

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Nita’s Brut IPA is a stand-out style in a crowded IPA category. It offers something different ... think of Brut champagne but for beer! This bubbly, dry IPA has super tropical aromas and flavours from the hops. One of the featured hops is Cashmere from Bredenhof Farms in BC giving the beer flavours of berry and citrus to delight the taste buds. The beer is unfiltered yet bright. You will notice extra carbonation in line with the Brut IPA style. This is super-technical beer to brew that requires absolute precision in ingredients, pH balance and fermentation processes. 

Could such a mystically delicious concoction be real? Yep.  Purely #magical. Easy drinking with a dry crisp finish. The perfect beverage to enjoy during the summer or while dreaming of the impossible.

Style – Brut IPA
Tasting Notes – dry, tropical, crisp finish
ABV – 6.1%
Colour – hazy straw 
IBUs – ~15
Legend Rating - Magical - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -