Our Beer

Our Greatest Venture Yet … Making Great Beer for You

Andy Nita, our Chief Beer Officer, pours over every aspect of the brewing process, from the ingredients, to the equipment, to the recipes. Having your name on the beer means never being satisfied, always working to make it better. 

Quality beers are made with great ingredients and with precision in the brewing process.  That’s why we pay attention to the fine details when we brew our beer. To us, minor details aren’t minor.


Beer Legend

Nita Beer wants to help those new to craft beer as well as craft beer connoisseurs with their beer choice.  If you are a skier or mountain biker, you'll recognize our symbols as a guide for where you might want to venture with your beer purchase.  And of course, if you are still not sure what to choose, talk to one of our Beer Sherpas in store or contact us through Email, Twitter, Facebook to ask