Team Nita Beer

Nita Beer Company started as a dream for Andy Nita since prior to 2009.  Andy has always loved great beer and has visited places all over the world that make great beer.  He wanted to be one of them.

But great beer is made with more than just a love for the nectar of the gods.  In 2009, Andy immersed himself in knowledge, reading about the theory of beer and talking to great brewmasters all over North America. In 2011, Andy developed his first recipe and attempted his first brew.  He has never looked back …

Andy Nita - Chief Beer Officer

Andy has been developing his passion for beer since his late teens when he was accepted to a brewery school in Scotland.  Although he pursued other education and career choices at the time, his love for great beer never diminished.  Since 2009, Andy has immersed himself in learning from Master Brewers and brewery owners throughout North America and has been striving for perfection in the brewing process.  Because of Andy’s oozing passion for beer, he was able to convince seven other investors to embark on a craft beer venture.  With a solid business plan in one hand and his brewing equipment in the other, Nita Beer Company was formed in April 2014.  Andy is excited to develop and produce great beers for our customers.

Before becoming Chief Beer Officer at Nita Beer Company, Andy has proven himself with an accomplished career in electrical contracting, teaching and industrial processes.  He will bring all of these skills to Nita Beer to continue on his journey toward brewing perfection and to share his knowledge of beer with others.  He is a graduate of McMaster University and Mohawk College.

Andy is a dedicated father to three boys and a caring and compassionate husband to Bridget.  Almost equal to his love of beer, Andy’s other passions include mountain biking, long boarding (on his recycled beer can skate board) and growing his hops in his backyard.

Bridget Carey - Chief Financial Officer

Bridget is a consummate professional with over 17 years of experience in various industries (high tech, advocacy, health care, management consulting, not-for-profit, construction) in a variety of roles (marketing, sales, HR, IT.  Bridget brings her wealth of knowledge and steadfast approach to Nita Beer as Chief Financial Officer.   She is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) and Project Management Professional (PMP) and has attained a Chartered Professional Accountant designation (CPA, CMA). Bridget actively contributes to business strategy, marketing and operations for Nita Beer.  Bridget is married to Andy Nita, Nita Beer’s Chief Beer Office and is a hockey/soccer mom to three boys.  Bridget is also an active Masters Swimmer and visits the University of Ottawa pool 3 times a week with her Technosport teammates.